Dog wearing collar 123244070


Jack felt horrible. His buddy lay in the passenger seat beside him in pain. It was more than that though. Something very important, very dear, had been taken from him.

Jack rolled the window down in an attempt to lift his spirits.

His buddy didn’t budge. He stayed with his cone covered head slumped over the front of the bench truck seat.

Jack rubbed his back. The only reaction he got was one light thump from his tail. It wasn’t even a full wag. Just a gentle thump on the seat.

Jack wondered if his buddy was thinking about the Labradoodle next door.

She would no doubt be disappointed at the news. Jack was sure that she would be getting the same within the next few months, though.

The two pups were within weeks of each other and they had taken quite the liking to one another. So much so that Jack jumped on the first opportunity to ensure there would be no little Labradoodledor’s (or would they be LaLabradoodle’s?) running around in the coming months.

Still, as he looked to his depressed partner, he couldn’t help but feel bad.

They passed a pet store and the bouncing ball logo gave Jack a wonderful idea.

A toy would definitely cheer him up. He had plenty waiting for him at home but most of them had had their innards, whether they be squeaker or stuffing, torn from them. His toy bin looked like a graveyard of victims of the cult leader from Temple of Doom. KALEE MA!

Besides nothing beat the joy of a new toy. Who knows it may even be enough to keep his mind off of the Labradoodle.

Jack grabbed hold of the leash and walked his buddy inside. He was still a little loopy so it took them a little longer, but they found the dog toy isle before long.

Jack pulled everything he could from the shelf and held it close to his buddy to see if it got a reaction. It wasn’t until he reached the end of the isle that he found a winner.

He pulled a rubber ball from the shelf and held it down.

His friend lifted his eyes and started to sniff at it.

“Of course,” Jack thought. “The ball was the most basic toy and he loved to play fetch. Of course, he would like it best.” Jack felt silly for trying all of those others first.

When they reached the counter, the cashier told them that the rubber balls were buy one, get one free so Jack went back to grab another. He made sure to grab one the same as the first just in case it became a favorite and he would have to replace it on the fly.

As Jack exited the store, he realized that he was smiling. It had been the first time since the operation. He knew he had found something that might just get his buddy over the hump.

And so, Jack strolled the rest of the way parking lot with a broad smile on his face. In his left hand was the handle of a leash that belonged to a dog who had just been neutered. In his right was a sack filled with two blue balls.



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